We own the results

Mindfield accepts the responsibility for the recruiting process.

Our proprietary platform, people and data-driven recruiting process ensures a consistent, predictable result in every job our customers open. Simply put, we find our customers the best talent, and measure how that talent performs. It’s an end-to-end solution from the moment a job is opened, to the time a qualified candidate is hired. This greatly simplifies and enhances the recruitment process for hiring managers, with data and analysis that provides continuous improvements and insights into their workforce.

Industry focus and expertise

We understand the hourly job market.

Since 2005, Mindfield has delivered over 90,000 hires for hourly employers across Canada. With over 2 million job seekers in our proprietary database, we have an unmatched depth of experience to source, screen and deliver qualified candidates for your jobs.

Data-driven recruitment process

We get better with every hire.

When a customer partners with Mindfield, they acquire the capabilities and experience of a world-class recruitment department. We collect and analyze key recruitment performance metrics, then feed the results back into the process, allowing for continuous improvement.

Benefits of Outsourced Recruiting

  • Scalability

    Scale your recruitment efforts up or down to handle seasonality.

  • Workforce Insights

    Increase visibility into your recruitment process and your business with comprehensive reporting and analytics on your workforce.

  • Budget Predictability

    Normalize the cost of annual recruitment evenly over the course of the year, regardless of demand and recruiting seasonality.

  • Recruitment Expertise

    Mindfield’s focus is recruitment for the front-line, hourly market. Leverage our industry recruitment expertise without spending the time and cost expense of building a program in-house.

  • Job Seeker Pipeline

    Mindfield has worked with over 2 million candidates nationally. We have a database of job seekers that we can directly market to in your area.

  • Candidate Sourcing

    Mindfield’s technology and industry contacts allow us to source candidates for all positions, whether in a small niche market, or heavily populated area with heavy competition.

  • Predictable Performance

    By standardizing recruitment and screening processes, your business can better forecast employee performance from the moment they are onboarded.