Outsourced Recruiting (RPO Enterprise)

I have ONGOING hiring needs.


  • Annual agreement
  • Hiring Manager web portal (HirePortal)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Team Recruiters
  • Mobile-optimized career site
  • Recruiting and workplace data and insights
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Volume pricing discounts

Customer types

By hiring volume:

  • Large – 1,000+ hires
  • Medium – 250+ hires
  • Small – 60+ hires

By organization:

  • Enterprise
  • Mid-Sized
  • Growth

Project Recruiting

I need to hire multiple people quickly.



  • Perfect for new store openings & volume hiring projects with defined timelines
  • Mindfield delivers 2 qualified candidates for front-line roles and 3 qualified candidates for management roles
  • Project-based pricing

Service Delivery

  • 25+ hires
  • 30-60 day delivery timeline
  • Event based hiring

Outsourced Recruiting (RPO Enterprise)

Many organizations that hire front-line employees are frustrated with the perceived lack of qualified talent available to them. Often a piece of technology, such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), is put in place and maybe a job board account is created. However, the responsibility to make great hires on a regular basis still sits with a store-level Hiring Manager who really doesn’t have the tool-kit, training and/or time to be consistently effective.
Mindfield’s Outsourced Recruiting solution is perfect for organizations that have these ongoing hiring needs. Whether you’re looking to outsource all, or just a portion of your annual hires, Mindfield acts as your branded outsourced recruiting partner.
Typically, all front-line recruitment would be outsourced to Mindfield. To ensure a consistent process is followed for every hire that your company makes, Mindfield suggests that all candidates are put through the same assessments, interviews, and process. This consistent process and messaging also helps to solidify your recruitment brand which enhances the perception of your organization to hourly job seekers.
– Access to recruitment expertise
– Cost control and predictability
– Increased scalability
– Improved quality of hire
– Increase manager productivity

Project Recruiting

Many organizations experience fluctuations in hiring demand, and thus find it difficult to continually keep their candidate pipeline full. This is often due to business seasonality and unexpected projects or expansions that require additional talent under a compressed timeline. If this sounds familiar, and you don’t currently have a process in place to deal with volume recruiting projects, an outsourced solution may be the one you have been looking for.
Mindfield’s Project Recruiting solution has been optimized to help our customers fill high volume recruiting needs. Mindfield works as an extension of your recruiting department to help maintain a healthy candidate pipeline, but also source and interview qualified candidates before delivering best-fit candidates to your Hiring Managers.