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Talemetry Webinar | Modern Recruitment is Modern Marketing: How To Shift Your Approach to Improve Your Results

In this webinar, Cameron Laker (CEO and Co-founder of Mindfield) and Peter Clare (SVP & General Manager, Talemetry) discuss how to shift your recruitment approach to improve your results. Listen in to learn industry and proprietary insights in the hourly market and best practices on candidate sourcing, talent database management, and improving the candidate experience. Watch webinar here.

Diginomica | Getting smarter at predicting talent

Data-driven hiring delivers better talent when making recruitment decisions. Read this interview, CEO, Cameron Laker did with Diginomica in how Mindfield uses behavioral assessments like OutMatch to better predict best-fit candidates for your jobs. Read now.

Inflection Point Podcast | Interview with Cameron Laker

CEO, Cameron Laker sits down with Aaron Vidas from the Inflection Point Podcast to discuss the real story behind the growth of Mindfield. They explore the mindset, tips, techniques and entrepreneurial skill needed to grow a  business. Download podcast here.

HCI Conference 2015 | Talent Acquisition Agility Panel Discussion

Solving for hard-to-fill positions can be difficult. Listen in on this interesting panel with Mindfield's CEO, Cameron Laker as he leads the conversation with HR experts, Kia Walker (Head of Talent Acquisition at SolarCity) and Brandon Moreno (former Director of HR at Herbalife International). They discuss the Talent Acquisition Agility in reference to solving for hard-to-fill positions. Watch here.

Restaurant Central | Boost Your Bottom Line With Best Fit Employees

Hiring the right employee for your restaurant operation can be difficult. Sometimes, the wrong people keep answering your postings, while other instances see you hire someone and almost immediately need to replace them because they don’t have the skills you require. Read article here.

Business Insider | 5 Things To Do With Your Money When You Change Jobs

After applying, waiting, interviewing, waiting again, and then finally negotiating an offer, you have a brand new job. Mindfield CEO Cameron Laker shares his expertise on what you do before, or right after starting, a new job. Read article here.