This report is primarily focused on the hourly employment market in North America, giving an overview of key trends, insights and news articles surrounding this sector. Numerous Canadian retailers are expanding their operations while other large counterparts are having to downsize and close under performing stores. Some of Canada’s largest names such as Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, Staples, Indigo, Lowes, Sears and Walmart are closing their locations and transitioning to omni-channel initiatives due to their operating losses. On the contrary, the Canadian luxury market is expanding to capture a segment of the cross-border shoppers. According to a recent TD Economics report, Canadians have lower disposable income in comparison which raises the question of sustainability in this segment within Canada. The transition to e-commerce has seen a spike in spending and this is predicted to rise almost 17% this holiday season. Companies such as FedEx and UPS are preparing by hiring as many as 95,000 and 50,000 seasonal employees respectively. Holiday e-commerce sales account for 8.4% of all holiday retail sales.

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