Finding the right people to fill vacancies can be time-consuming and stressful. You know the importance of finding the best quality hires for your business, but every time you put out a new job ad you find yourself drowning in applications of vastly varying quality. How do you find the gold in your applicant pool?

The answer lies in shifting from a reactive talent management approach to a proactive one: building your talent pipeline.

A talent pipeline is a pool of “warm” candidates who you can contact when you have recruiting needs. They’re candidates you already know, and who you keep actively engaged as new opportunities arrive. Keeping this pipeline full and moving can be the key to stress-free recruitment.


The benefits of a robust talent pipeline

First and foremost, a talent pipeline allows you to access an untapped pool of candidates. When you post a role, only active job seekers are likely to see it. However, when you have a talent pipeline, you can reach out to candidates who may not be actively looking but are open to the right opportunity. In one study, 64% of office workers surveyed said they would be open to discussing a new role if contacted by a recruiter.

A talent pipeline also allows you to assess talent before the need arises. If you have a warm candidate in your talent pipeline, you’ve spent the time getting to know a bit about them, and you’ve formed an idea of how they might fit into your business. This strategy allows you to find better quality hires ahead of time. It also means you can reduce your time-to-fill, as you’ll already have candidates on hand when a vacancy arises.

HR expert Dr. John Sullivan conducted a case study with Nestlé Purina, where over 43% of hires are made through their talent pipeline. In the study, benefits to this proactive approach included:

  • Higher quality hires and more diversity;
  • Higher offer acceptance;
  • Time-to-fill dropping as low as zero in some roles;
  • Applicability across various lines of the business, including sales, customer service, and hourly roles; and,
  • The ability to leverage data to continuously improve the sourcing process.

All of this translates to a better recruitment experience for your business, your hiring managers, and your candidates. And, as we’ve said before, in the ‘war for talent’ it’s increasingly important to give your candidates a premium experience.


Let Mindfield help build your pipeline

Creating a pipeline takes time and work, which is perhaps why few companies take the Nestle Purina approach. However, the benefit of working with an RPO provider like Mindfield is the ability to leverage our people 24/7. You’re no longer in the constant on/off cycle of traditional recruiting: you have access to our expertise and candidate pool as and when you need it.

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About Mindfield

Mindfield is a Recruitment Outsourcing solutions provider that partners with companies to create powerful hourly workforces. Our solutions combine a recruitment team, simple to use technology and a data-driven hiring strategy that promises to improve the quality of your hourly workforce. This approach focuses on tying business outcomes such as sales performance, tenure, and engagement to the selection, hiring and measurement of quality candidates.