Mindfield Alleviates Restaurant Hiring Struggle in Alberta


Client Challenge

As a franchisor, labour costs are the largest expenses at the unit level. Yet many franchisees place little to no significance on their strategic hiring practices. Layer in a competitive labour market and a highly saturated industry such as food services and you will even find top brands struggling to staff their locations and retain good employees.

Our client came to us with 7 quick service restaurant franchises across Alberta, with locations in some of toughest areas to fill countrywide. Like many organizations, the client was challenged to find local talent in a highly saturated hourly market. Market conditions created fierce competition for talent in Alberta and within their category at the time we worked with them, there were over 850 companies actively competing for the same talent.

To compete for talent in the quick service restaurant sector,  the client relied heavily on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). They were investing in the program to fill their open roles with foreign talent as local candidates were non-existent. However, when recent changes to the TFWP took effect, they needed an alternative solution to staff their multi-unit locations. Changes to the TFWP, such as increased application costs, more  stringent wage and location restrictions and increased accountability on hiring local, made it much more challenging to hire foreign workers.

The client openly admitted that finding local talent was near impossible and the majority of applicants were either foreign or from out of province. This alone was a costly expense as they were hosting non-locals to accommodation. They experienced high drop off rates with the few local hires they were able to make, most leaving within the first 30 days of employment, costing them recruiting, on-boarding and training time and money.

The client was faced with a multitude of issues:

  • The loss of their temporary foreign workers
  • An inability to find local talent
  • A pressing need to fill 10 of their team member roles

All which needed to be solved to keep their doors open to customers.


With 10 Fort McMurray team member roles needing to be filled immediately, Mindfield got to work quickly and implemented the Full-Cycle Recruitment Solution to help:

  • Eliminate reliance and costly fees associated with the TFWP
  • Reduce the number of out of province candidates needing accommodation
  • Decrease time to hire and cost of turnover within the first 30 days of employment
  • Save Hiring Managers the time of sourcing candidates that were not best-fits
  • Create a consistent process to have Hiring Mangers solely interview candidates who fit the culture and capabilities needed to be successful

The client partnered with Mindfield knowing that better hires for their organization meant a better customer experience. Aligning with them was simple, they believe their success is directly correlated with customer satisfaction and that is 100% driven by their staff.


Some immediate wins experienced from leveraging the Full-Cycle Recruitment Solution include:

  • Within 2 weeks, the client had met with 14 of the 20 presented candidates and hired 10 best-fit employees
  • Within the first 30 days, we had a 90% retention rate and were able to quickly source an additional hire from our candidate pool
  • Hiring Managers saw an immense benefit in solely spending their time on qualified candidates to interview
  • The project’s success opened up the door for a larger partnership to support other locations