Fresh St. Market


Fresh St. Market is a new concept food store that focuses on providing its customers with fresh, local and sustainable foods. Owned by the H.Y. Louie group, this first-of-its-kind market opened its West Vancouver doors in January 2013. The store offers locally sourced and organic fresh meat, seafood, cheese and produce and dedicates half of the store’s square footage to all fresh items that are either made in house or locally sourced to truly give that “market” feel.

Mindfield partnered with Fresh St. Market to staff front-line, management and specialty positions to ensure they were fully prepared for their opening date. To support their launch, Mindfield offered their Full-Cycle Recruitment Solution to manage the end-to-end recruitment process that attracted, screened and measured qualified candidates. This solution included candidate sourcing and screening, presenting two qualified candidates for each front-line and specialty role and 3 qualified candidates for each management role. In addition, all candidates were put through character and reference checks to simplify the process further for Fresh St. Market’s hiring team.

Fresh St. was presented with candidates who met their targeted profile and were fully screened for the right qualifications, expectations and attitudes to succeed in their specific roles. The store was fully staffed for their grand opening with 223 qualified and screened candidates sent forward and 105 hires made including 84 front-line, 15 management and 5 specialty positions filled.

”Our team was delighted with the quality of candidates that Mindfield sent us. We had a very short time frame, explained what we wanted and asked them to source higher energy best attitude staff and they did an excellent job.”

– Scott Coburn, Vice President of HR and Distribution

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