Fresh St. Farms (H.Y. Louie)


Fresh St. Farms, a subsidiary of H.Y. Louie, successfully opened its doors in November. This is the second Fresh St. iteration added to the H.Y. Louie brand and offers a new look and feel with a wide variety of locally sourced, fresh and organic foods. This unique location provides shoppers the ability to connect with local producers and receive personable and expert service from its staff.

In addition to creating a new concept location, H.Y. Louie was highly focused on staffing their store with fresh faces. They leveraged Mindfield to support the hiring of 155 staff that met their specific qualified candidate profiles and were screened to ensure only best fit hires were made. A combination of online sourcing, assessments, recruiter screening, and background and character references allowed MindField to fully staff their new store within a short time frame. For each front line and specialty role, Mindfield sent 2 qualified candidates, in addition 3 qualified candidates were sent for leader roles.

Their goal was to find staff who had a passion for food and could offer the highest quality service. These were individuals who could go on to develop relationships with their new neighbours and build connections to share fresh, local ideas with the community.

Mindfield was able to bring together the right like­minded individuals and connect them with the right roles within Fresh St. Farms. These were candidates who were qualified, with exactly the right expectations and attitudes, and who would excel in this type of environment.

H.Y. Louie was able to seamlessly open their doors with a powerful hourly workforce that supported their vision.

After having successfully worked with Mindfield to staff their first Fresh St. Market location in West Vancouver, H.Y. Louie knew they could rely on Mindfield’s recruitment expertise to fully staff their newest location.

“Our vision is that a customer, no matter which department they encounter, will receive personable, expert service from our staff. We want to bring the producer to the foreground and offer our clients high quality customer experience with every visit. Mindfield has allowed us to staff a workforce in a timely manner, that meets our vision and serves our customers needs everyday.”

David Sherwood, District Director

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