A52 (No Limits Group)


A52 ships over $250 million worth of goods annually to over 5,500 retailers in Canada. Efficiency and accuracy of product delivery and superior service keep customers like West 49 and Hurley as their raving fans. A52 prides their team on consistently being able to deliver exceptional results for their customers.

A52 was in need of support for their seasonal hiring peaks and leveraged Mindfield’s expertise to save them time and effort during their busiest season.

When A52 came to Mindfield they were very specific on the qualified profile they needed to hire. Knowing their upcoming seasonal hiring influx, A52 proactively partnered with Mindfield to hire an additional 25 warehouse staff. For every open role, Mindfield delivered two best­fit candidates that were pre­qualified and screened. Mindfield managed all of the candidate sourcing activities, screening, phone interviews, background checks and interview scheduling, allowing A52 to receive only best­fit applicants amongst the many.

“We continually were wasting time on unqualified candidates. We saw the benefit of Mindfield identifying, qualifying and sending us candidates to decrease the time we use to spend on unqualified bad fit hires. We simply open a job and interview the best fit applicants they send through, saving our team valuable time and resources. Although the positions were temporary, the candidates sent through were such a good fit both for the role and culture that we have taken on many as full time staff.” ­

Michelle Davies, HR Manager