Ask any franchisee in North America what their biggest challenge is and we guarantee they tell you it’s finding and hiring great people. Franchisees are uniquely challenged because they typically lack the infrastructure, systems or experience to source, screen, select, and hire great front-line talent.

We see franchisees using all kinds of systems, technology, tools, widgets, free and paid assessments, to ultimately try to solve their talent acquisition problem. Mindfield believes that world-class franchisors have an obligation to help their franchisees solve this recruitment issue.

Section 1 – Common Employer

With the recent McDonald’s lawsuits in the United States, many franchisors are waiting with baited breath to learn the outcome1. The national labor board in the United States made a recent decision that the franchisor could be deemed as a joint employer as its franchisee’s employees.

The joint employer label can be placed on any franchisor that exerts excessive control over its franchisees. Professional distance needs to be maintained especially in management, and financial decisions. However if separation is unavoidable, franchisors need to be more supportive with labor and employment processes.

Mindfield will continue to monitor this situation and provide some best practices for franchisors in future blog posts. We are not sure yet how this might impact Canadian-based operations but it is a common discussion topic with our customers.

Section 2 – Providing your franchisees with recruiting support

Here are the four pillars for franchisee recruitment support:

  1. A careers site – A centralized and branded careers site where franchisees can host open jobs and for applicants to apply. It provides a consistent look and feel for applicants and makes things easy for franchisees to manage. One of the common mistakes that franchisors make when building a careers site is using the Evergreen posting strategy. This is where every location has a posting that is open 365 days a year. The problem with this strategy is that it does very little for SEO and large job board aggregators like Simplyhired, Glassdoor, or Indeed will not be able to pick up fresh job content which will negatively impact applicant flow.
  2. A simple way to open and distribute jobs – Provide a simple web form or tool to quickly post openings using templated job descriptions.
  3. Assessment tools – Identify the assessment and selection tool that aligns with your ideal candidate profile and embed this assessment into the application process. This will dramatically impact the quality of hire your franchisees are making and most importantly identify the bottom 25% of applicants that should never enter the picture or be considered for employment.
  4. Hiring kits – Providing your franchisees with great in-store collateral like digital signage, and recruiting cards can be highly effective. These can be window posters, cards at the cashier or buttons for your staff to wear ‘Ask me about my job’.


There are increasing pressures on hourly employers when it comes to hiring and more and more franchisors are starting to hire talent acquisition professionals to help them solve these issues. Others are turning to companies like Mindfield for their expertise in rolling out recruiting solutions to multi-location organizations. Helping franchisees recruit and hire great talent can drive improved revenue, profitability, and franchisee satisfaction with head office support.

To learn how Mindfield can help improve the quality of your hourly workforce, click here.

1McDonald’s Joint Employer case article, click here.