Today’s job seekers are using all channels to research, vet, and apply for jobs including mobile devices. Mindfield’s analysis of our retail customers’ career sites finds that 25% of hourly job seekers visit using mobile devices. Is your company reaching the mobile hourly job seeker?

With this fact in mind, you need to know how your brand is being presented across all mobile devices. This includes your website, social channels, and career site. Are your corporate branding and messaging consistent and visually appealing across all channels via mobile? A consistent look and feel will provide that brand recognition for your on-the-go job seeker.

Careers sites are the main portal applicants engage with and they need to be more than mobile-friendly. Your strategy should consider the candidate experience and be optimized at every step of the process for mobile hourly job seeker. This will help to convert more quality job seekers into applicants.

Here’s our checklist on how to capture more mobile hourly job seekers:

  1. Optimize your careers site – Ensure that all links work and that your careers site is search engine optimized for all mobile devices.
  2. Simplify the search – Once on your careers site, make sure it has a clear search tool bar and good search functionality that allow for quick filters regardless of the mobile device.
  3. Keep job descriptions concise – Remember candidates will be reading on-the-go, so avoid lengthy messaging.
  4. Optimize coding and template displays – Screen sizes will vary by mobile device so make sure that your logo, images, fonts, and webpage display properly. You don’t want your candidates to have to pinch and zoom.
  5. Have a clear call-to-action – Make it obvious and easy for candidates using mobile devices to find your call-to-action and apply for your open roles.
  6. Simplify the application process – Reduce the amount of time required for candidates to apply via mobile. Avoid the requirement for uploading or attaching a resume or cover letter. Most candidates will not have these accessible on their mobile devices.
  7. Engage with candidates immediately – Once they have applied, always thank and confirm you received their application. This builds a sense of confidence with the candidate that the mobile process worked.

Experience with our retail clients shows that hourly job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices to find and apply for jobs. Don’t lose out on this group of applicants. Remember to tailor your tactics, simplify the process, and make sure your brand is presented consistently across all mobile devices.

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