It’s time to move to a mobile-friendly recruiting platform. 60% of American job seekers quit while filling out online job applications because they’re too long or complex. On top of causing you to miss out on top talent, a negative applicant experience can have detrimental effects on your brand and candidate flow due to poor word-of-mouth from candidates frustrated with the process.

While online application dropout used to be considered a way to weed out ‘lazy’ candidates, it’s now an industry best practice to have a streamlined, user-friendly process. One study found that the online application completion rates can rise by up to 365% if your process takes five minutes or less.

If you want more candidates–ones who are on the same level as your top talent–your online application process needs to be effortless.


The smartphone is the new personal computer

With ever-increasing mobile usage in Canada, recruiters need to make sure platforms are mobile-friendly. The CRTC reports that national wireless carriers offer coverage to more than 99% of Canadians and that 73% of Canadians have a smartphone. According to Statistics Canada, 27.5% of households reported using a cell phone exclusively in 2015, and that number is rising.

Another study* reported tha86% of active candidates start their job search with a smartphone. At Mindfield, we found that 25% of hourly job seekers visit our clients’ career sites on a mobile device. To reach your ideal candidates, the next step is a no-brainer: optimize your online application process for mobile.


A user-friendly experience means more quality applications

Candidates’ expectations for the online experience become more sophisticated every day. They need to quickly find what they’re looking for, with minimal clicks, to stay engaged. That includes the careers page and job application process.

Mobile phones have much smaller screens than desktop computers and tablets. Keep job postings concise and linked to your employee value proposition and social media efforts. Candidates want to know what’s in it for them–not just what a company is looking for.

Besides offering a better candidate experience, a mobile-friendly website and application process also helps drive online traffic. A clean design and easy-to-navigate platform will inspire users to stay longer on your site and return. It’ll also improve your Google ranking, as Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in search results.

In order to stay current with job seekers’ expectations, prioritize simplicity and an excellent user experience. Get in touch to find out how you can optimize your application process and get more qualified people in the door.


*U.S. based.

About Mindfield

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