The gap between HR and Marketing is getting smaller. Some companies are starting to use their employer brands to appeal to customers, and it makes perfect sense.

The recruitment process is just another avenue to interact with potential customers and future staff. How you treat applicants and candidates at every stage can impact their decision to buy into your company–even if they never make it to the first interview.


A bad application process can taint your reputation and affect sales

The recruitment experience gives candidates real insights into the organization and the people who work there. Like a bad customer experience rejected or ignored candidates may share their feelings with others, which can deal real damage to your brand (especially if it goes viral).

One study found that out of workers who have a bad application experience, 23% are likely to post about it online, and 38% are likely to stop supporting that company. Responding to every application counts, too: 33% of people who never get a response to their application are less likely to give that company their business in the future.


Treat all candidates with courtesy and respect

To create or strengthen brand ambassadors in the recruitment process, always keep these two points in mind:

  1. Let applicants know where they stand. Take good care of your candidates throughout the process. If someone isn’t a fit, tell them as soon as possible so they can move on. Treat all candidates with respect, courtesy and professionalism. For those you like but aren’t going to hire for now, you can offer feedback or support in their job search as an extra token of goodwill–and follow up if you have a role for them in the future.
  2. Prepare your team to treat applicants like gold. On-site interviews give candidates a ‘glimpse under the hood’. They can experience your work environment and get a sense of what it’s actually like beyond the job description. Make sure your team and everyone involved in the process is on their best behaviour. They should be prepared, friendly, and look after candidates the way they would a customer. Have them offer to take the candidate’s coat and offer them a water or a coffee when they show up. Whether or not they get the job, every candidate has the potential to walk out the door as a passionate brand ambassador.


There’s no such thing as over-communicating with candidates

Every applicant deserves courtesy and respect, even if you aren’t worried about sites like Glassdoor providing a platform for job-seekers to compare and critique your workplace.

Whether or not they’ll be continuing down the pipeline, any candidate who takes the time to complete an application deserves at least an acknowledgement and a “thank you for your interest.” Any interviewees should receive a call or email from you within a week about their status and next steps. Top candidates should be contacted regularly, especially if there are unexpected delays in the process. Don’t let the good ones get away.

Business can get in the way of recruitment sometimes. Learn how Mindfield can manage the application and hiring process end to end; you’ll keep your employer reputation intact and won’t have so many great applicants slip through the cracks.



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