While the food service industry experienced around 3.7% growth in 2017, businesses may experience some challenges with increasing competition and changes in consumer spending. That being said, Deloitte reports that the hotel industry is projected to sustain 5–6% growth in 2018. With growth and challenges, hospitality recruiters need to keep evolving in the way they do business and attract top candidates.

At Mindfield, we see how recruiting changes over time. These are some of the key trends we’ve noticed and how they may impact your hospitality business.


Chains and franchises are decentralizing social media

Hospitality is an interpersonal industry. You’re looking to get customers and candidates in the door in your individual locations. Rather than having all communications shared on the head office or parent company’s social media pages, individual locations are owning their online presence by sharing relevant community content.

For example, The Keg’s locations share local operating hours and tie-ins to local events, while the occasional corporate-chosen feature highlights the employer brand. Boston Pizza Cornwall showcases its compassionate culture by posting about local fundraising efforts. The Calgary Westin shares team content–like this retirement party for its director of housekeeping–and their Ottawa location does the same.

Companies can channel the atmosphere of each community, post local roles, showcase the workplace culture and more. Individual locations can use Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter to launch and promote their own contests and campaigns, monitor and respond to comments, all while supporting their overall employment brand.


Head offices are empowering locations to manage their own advertising and recruitment

Hospitality head offices are empowering local managers by providing them greater autonomy and budget to manage and market to their communities. They’re offering centralized guidelines and support, which maintains consistency in brand messaging and program delivery.

According to one study in the UK, 41% of hospitality recruiters believe word of mouth is the most effective way to recruit. It’s best done at a local level. Successful large businesses are able to lead and maintain a consistent brand and service while allowing local management to post their own jobs and reach out to local candidates, given their own unique needs and geographies.


Hospitality HR teams are outsourcing recruiting support for front-line positions

Until recently, recruitment firms were used mainly to fill management level roles. Given the greater volume and high turnover of jobs in front-line roles, it’s becoming more common to use recruiting firms. This way, management can access a bigger talent pool, always have candidates in the pipeline, and use that time to focus on operations.

Mindfield uses data-driven strategies, a consultative approach, and a private database of millions of candidates to help hospitality HR teams create powerful hourly workforces. A complementary partnership that enhances your internal efforts, we work with clients to hire better employees, reducing turnover and increasing retention in the process. Learn how you can join other industry innovators by bringing on an external recruiter.



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