Gone are the days of employer selection and candidate competition. With the national unemployment at the lowest it’s been in 40 years, as well as increasingly high turnover rates, employers are learning they must adapt quickly to market demands or risk being left behind.

Quick service restaurants (QSRs) are no exception. The restaurant industry as a whole is experiencing a labour shortage. This, paired with the commonality of low wages and the transient nature of some prospective employees, means QSRs are facing talent challenges like no other industry.

This eBook is designed for multi-unit franchise owners in the quick service restaurants industry. Learn how to attract and retain top talent in an employee-driven, ultra-competitive job market.


In this eBook, we will cover:

  • You vs. The Other Guys: Optimizing Your Employee Value Proposition
  • Leveraging Employer Branding
  • Amplifying Brand Messaging
  • 1 is Better than 3: Hiring for Quality
  • Engaging the Experts: When to Partner with External Support
  • Apply What You’ve Learned