Top companies know that having engaged employees has a direct impact on their profitability. According to research by Gallup on the impact of employee engagement, the top quartile of companies studied was 21% more profitable and had 41% less turnover than the bottom quartile of companies on the same list. It’s no wonder why companies today are placing increasing focus on engaging their employees. An engaged workforce puts forth greater effort to helping their organization meet its goals far beyond unengaged employees that are simply collecting a paycheque.

Taking steps to ensure top performers are interested, challenged, promoted, and encouraged to succeed can help ensure they stick around. One way companies can begin to create and foster engagement is to define it. What does a day in the life of a successful employee look like? Are they doing what they love to do? Does your workforce help to improve the overall quality of your business? There are many factors that comprise an engaged employee and just as many strategies to create opportunities to attract and retain top talent. It’s up to your organization to define what that success looks like and attain a recruitment program to match your needs.

While employee engagement is largely built through company policies and workforce management strategies, recruiting engaged employees is quickly becoming seen as the start of the process. Especially in retail, every company has the opportunity to build an engaged workforce by simply adding behavioral assessments to the recruiting process. The Harvard Business Review says that only about 18% of companies use behavioral assessments in their hiring process, but this number is growing at a rate of about 10-15% a year. This shows that companies are recognizing the importance of hiring candidates that are an organizational fit in both experience and company culture. They are looking for candidates that are more than just a keyword match for relevant skills and experience in a resume.

One challenge in hiring engaged employees is time. You have to take the time to dig into an applicant to reveal what is not written on the resume. You need time to properly analyze applicants and conduct reference interviews. Conducting a complete recruitment cycle requires time, which most store managers simply do not have. So, many companies continue with their basic single job posting methods and settle for the same low quality of new hire that they are accustomed to. They are constantly in battle with the revolving door of high turnover.

The companies rising to the top are embracing Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions providers to enhance their recruiting processes to attract engaged employees. Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions providers take the time to craft the job posting and have access to more channels of posting your job through multiple job sites and niche job sites. As well, they can utilize social media advertising, which requires the type of hands-on attention that most companies are not equipped to deal with. They can add a behavioral assessment to the application process, ensuring a better applicant pool of resumes. They can also further qualify the resumes through phone interviews and boil down the many applicants to qualified candidates ready for a final decision from your hiring manager. By enlisting an experienced Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions provider, you free up time for hiring managers to focus on making hiring decisions instead of screening resumes and gathering background information and obtain access to industry leading technology and processes that are typically reserved for large organizations or senior-level roles. There is no faster way to upgrade your recruitment process to attract engaged employees.

The conclusion is undeniable. The continued strength of any company is to build an engaged workforce. This requires an improved recruitment process and a major shift in management practices. If you continue with your same, old recruitment process, you will hire the same low-level employee. So the real question is when will you add a Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions provider and get started hiring engaged employees?


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