There are many benefits to using a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm for your recruitment needs. Of course, you can build an internal team, technology platform and set of processes, but in most cases, the initial investment required to make an internal program successful is out of scope and budget. Working with an RPO who understands the unique hiring requirements of the industry you work in and has the infrastructure already in place to support your program will often save time and money year over year.

Listed below are 6 key benefits to using an RPO:

    1. Experience – An RPO provider will have experience working within a wide range of recruitment environments and will be able to identify which solutions would be most appropriate based on both your current requirements and future business objectives. They can also provide you with guidance on strategic workforce planning, carry out employer branding, deliver training and development of hiring managers to appoint effectively, develop long-term talent pools, design and implement career portals and many other aspects that together can make your recruitment environment more effective.
    2. Scalability – RPOs can be flexible in their approach – giving you the ability to scale your recruitment efforts up or down with ease. For organizations that experience seasonality or hiring spikes in their business, having the ability to outsource some or all of your recruitment efforts allows you to increase your candidate pipeline and centralize recruitment during times of increased pressure to deliver qualified candidates to your business’ front-line.
    3. Quality – Using an RPO can greatly increase the quality of your candidates and employees. Using the latest and most effective sourcing, screening, interviewing tools, an RPO can elevate your recruiting to a point where critical resources, such as Hiring Manager time and recruitment dollars, are no longer a concern. RPO providers draw on their relevant business and industry experience to lead your organization to a more refined candidate experience and process. These elements enhance your employment brand and help to drive quality throughout your recruitment efforts.
    4. Resource Savings – Because of how an RPO will approach recruitment and manage the process, saving time and money is often a reality. You will save resources by lowering turnover (or unwanted turnover) and saving the cost of recruitment tools, job boards, or vendors that really don’t work. Also, by streamlining your recruitment process, hiring managers typically save two to three hours on every single hire they would normally make.
    5. Predictability – Recruiting isn’t typically predictable. Going hand-in-hand with scalability, an RPO gives you the peace of mind knowing that every single day a recruiter is working on your jobs to help you hire great candidates quickly, no matter what your hiring demand might be.In addition, normalizing the cost of an annual recruitment program evenly over the course of a year, regardless of demand and seasonality requirements allows for organizations to properly budget for growth and turnover.
    6. Workforce Insights – Understanding how your employees function from a metrics standpoint is a necessity in order to refine and improve your recruitment strategy. The data you collect should directly influence the decisions you make around how and where to source talent, what applicants are a best-fit for your organization based on assessments, what questions are asked during phone and in-person interviews, and the general success of the hires you make.

About Mindfield

Mindfield is a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions provider that partners with companies to create powerful hourly workforces. Our solutions combine professional recruiters, simple to use technology and a data-driven hiring strategy that promises to improve the quality of your hourly workforce. This approach focuses on tying business outcomes such as sales performance, tenure, and engagement to the selection, hiring and measurement of quality candidates.




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