Setup & Onboarding

HirePortal Platform Setup – Mindfield’s HirePortal is a proprietary, web-based platform that allows customers to open new jobs, receive Mindfield presented candidates, update candidate disposition, and request customer support. Our setup includes the provisioning of each user and training to each HirePortal user on the best practice of use of our platform.

Qualified Candidate Profile (QCP) – Mindfield facilitates an initial discovery discussion to define the QCP for each job. Included in the discovery session are insights into role requirements, day-in-the-life insights, and key benefits that influence candidates to join the company.

Careers Site – Mindfield coordinates the development of a branded career site that we host and manage on behalf of customers. The career site will act as a central location for all jobs that the customer opens.

Sourcing Strategy – Mindfield will construct a multi-pronged candidate sourcing strategy to optimize the exposure of the customer’s jobs within the markets relevant to their location and approved qualified candidate profiles.

Interview Scheduling Setup – Mindfield will configure our interview scheduling software and set recurring interview times per location based on agreed upon days and times.

Customer Training – Mindfield provides training for all new customers and their hiring manager who are approved to use our service.


Open a Job

Upon logging into the HirePortal, the customer opens a job from the pre-populated job list and is asked to indicate the required candidate availability. Customers can log into the HirePortal at any time to open a job order and select from the pre-populated jobs. Once the job order has been submitted, it will appear on the Careers Site and candidate sourcing activity will commence.



Mindfield broadcasts the opened job(s) throughout our network of relevant sources using customer approved job descriptions. We leverage a multi-pronged approach to source talent using a combination of job boards, resume databases, search engines, social media and physical advertising to attract the active job seeker.



As part of the online application process, applicants are required to complete a behavioural assessment, Mindfield’s Like-minds Predictor (LMP). The LMP is used to determine whether an applicant’s behaviour is a fit against the role they are applying for. Mindfield will not consider any candidates who do not complete the LMP or does not receive an acceptable score.

Mindfield will administer the Like-minds Predictor to all applicants that choose to take the assessment during the online application process to determine fit and to identify top applicants for a given job order.

An applicant’s LMP score must align with the score requirements of the role they are applying for to move forward in Mindfield’s recruiting process.


Phone Interview

Mindfield maintains a database of questions specifically developed for our recruiters to ask during a phone interview. Based on the customer’s QCPs, a phone interview template will be created to act as a first level of screening. This is an important step as a consistent screening program ensures that a customer is receiving candidates who are all measured against the same set of benchmarked standards.


Interview Scheduling

As part of the customer’s statement of work, in-person interviews are scheduled by Mindfield on behalf of our customers. We work to establish a set interview schedule with the Hiring Manager and book in-person interviews to match that availability.

In-person interviews will be scheduled within 48 hours of the initial phone interview. Mindfield ensures that Hiring Managers are given at least 24 hours’ notice of any scheduled interview. If changes are made to a scheduled interview, the Hiring Manager is immediately notified through email.


In-person Interviews & Hire

During an in-person interview, the customer will evaluate Mindfield’s presented candidates and determine which candidate is the best-fit for their organization.

After the in-person interviews are completed, the Hiring Manager selects the top candidate(s) and marks their decisions within HirePortal.



Customers receive data on their recruitment program demonstrating the value that Mindfield services provide. Being able to segment and deliver this data allows our customers to accurately report on the metrics important to them. Mindfield has created a set of standard dashboards that are available to all customers.