Mindfield is a place where job seekers with the right qualifications, expectations and attitudes, find the right jobs, with the right employers. A place where perfect matches are made.

We’re good at what we do. And we have the data to back it up.

The Mindfield is the space in which like-minds are brought together, to connect. And it’s our exclusive, proprietary domain. We’re not afraid to challenge our customer’s perceptions of what they think is industry standard and we’ll always stand up for what we believe in. That said, we never lose sight of the fact that we’re in the people business and in order to get things done properly, we need to always have a partnership mentality in mind.

We start with the best. Then get better.

There are always employers needing people to fill their hourly workforce positions. And, there is always a group of people looking for employment. But as employers know, there is usually only a small percentage of qualified people within the larger pool.

While it is still relatively easy to have job-seekers apply for an available position, it’s far, far more challenging to find the perfect applicant amongst the many. Finding like-minds creates tremendous efficiencies in the productivity and economy, greatly reducing turnover and absenteeism, and virtually eliminates the risk of hiring the wrong employee. Unsuitable candidates never even enter the picture. We are able to provide employers with proven probabilities rather than possibilities.

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Executive Team

Our Values


We push for constant growth and excellence for our company, customers, stakeholders, and employees; taking accountability for our own personal growth through ongoing training, mentoring, and learning, as well as driving value for those important to us. We focus on investing in long-term partnerships rather than one-off opportunities.


We believe in continually finding improvements and advances in how we deliver value to both our customers and internal stakeholders. Through the use of leading edge technology and tools we will ensure our customers always have access to the latest and most effective approaches to recruitment. Mindfield was built on a foundation of entrepreneurship, and our trailblazing best practices carry on this tradition.

The Best Fit

We strive to help job seekers find better employment opportunities because we understand that by helping them secure great employment, we ultimately drive success for the candidate, their employer, and our company in the long run. We won’t send candidates that we don’t believe are a best-fit candidate.

Wow Experience

We understand that creating brand advocates and happy customers is core to our competitive advantage. Our aim is to give our customers an unmatched level of support and service each and every day, while consistently delivering on the customer and candidate experience.

Careers with Mindfield

We are our own best case study.

The people who are attracted to the kind of work we do here at Mindfield, are driven by creativity and analytics. We are all of like-mind. We work here because it’s challenging, and every day we’re presented with new puzzles to solve, given new questions to answer, and driven to find better ways to make things work. This remarkable chemistry has helped us grow into one of the most successful recruitment organizations in North America.


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