The recruitment landscape is ever evolving but over the past decade we have learned that there are some tried and true strategies to effectively hire a high volume of quality people. Mindfield is on track to hit 18,000 hires in 2015 – a new record for us. Here are the five key components that allow us to make a hire every 7 minutes in 2015.


1. Technology-enabled recruitment process

In order to be effective and efficient at high-volume recruitment, technology is the cornerstone of any recruitment playbook. Our applicant tracking system (ATS) is extremely robust and there’s not much it can’t do, which is a pro and a con. When assessing your ATS, there are a few key things to consider:

  • Can screening tools be easily integrated into the system?
  • Is it easy to search, locate, and email past applicants?
  • Can you effectively get reporting and data out of the system?
  • Is it set up to manage multiple locations easily?


2. Reporting & metrics

Staying on top of our metrics allows us to measure and track our progress. It also helps us identify areas for improvement in our recruitment process. Key metrics that we keep a close eye on include:

Quality of candidate (Send-to-hire rate)

Track the number of individuals sent to a job and how many of them are hired. This metric is a good pulse check on the ability of our pre-hire assessments to filter out unqualified candidates.

Total cycle time (Time-to-hire)

The time it takes from sourcing candidates to hiring them is a good indicator of the efficiency of your recruitment process. By understanding this metric, we segment how effective each step is in our hiring process and look for ways to make it better.

Read our post on measuring the effectiveness of your recruitment process for additional metrics.


3. Building a database of talent

Build a talent community, but more importantly, an engaged database of job seekers. This requires your organization to have good technology in place to collect and segment candidates in a database. Once the technology is in place, improve your talent community by creating job or location specific pipelines. By continuously pipelining candidates, you are building your talent community. This allows you to be best prepared with a pool of qualified candidates when large fluctuations of unexpected or seasonal hiring demand come up.


4. Candidate assessment & selection tools

Behavioural assessment

All of our applicants go through a behavioural assessment tailored to the specific job they are applying for. It is a good indicator of the candidate’s personality, their ability to perform job requirements, and their potential fit within the corporate culture. This tool adds objective information to support the hiring decision-making process. It also helps us screen out over 50% of applicants.

Electronic reference checks

We conduct electronic reference checking to provide hiring managers with additional information on candidates prior to making a hiring decision. It is a good predictive tool on how a candidate will perform in a specific role and it could reveal any potential red flags.


5. Great people

Our team plays a huge role in allowing us to achieve success in what we do. From sourcing and qualifying candidates to supporting our customers and hiring managers, our team is fundamental to creating and building these connections. We help our customers create powerful hourly workforces by connecting them with great candidates. Our team takes pride in supporting North Americans find employment with great companies.


Our people, process and technology are what set us apart from our competitors. If you want to learn more about how Mindfield can help you scale with your large volume recruitment, click here.

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