This report is primarily focused on the hourly employment market in North America, giving an overview of key trends, insights and news articles surrounding this sector. The retail landscape in Canada continues to evolve as more US retailers make their entrance into the Canadian market. These US based companies and their expansion plans are being met with a mix of success and failure in the Canadian landscape. While some companies recreation of the US retail experience has seen success, others have missed the mark on adapting to unique Canadian market conditions and business environments.

Focusing on the employment landscape, the US added 214,000 jobs in October 2014 which equates to 31,000 more jobs added compared to August and September. The unemployment rate dropped from 5.9% to 5.8%. Within the Canadian market, employment rose in Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and PEI, while declining in New Brunswick. In October, the natural resource sector accounted for an additional 22,200 jobs added.

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